International Trucks: Heavy-Duty, Severe-Duty and Medium-Duty.

International® Trucks has been a leader in the commercial vehicle industry since 1902. Today, they offer a complete lineup of integrated vehicles including medium-duty, heavy-duty and severe-duty service models. This means that whatever the job, there’s an International truck that is built for it. From construction, towing and refuse applications to local delivery and specialized hauling, International prides itself on knowing and understanding your needs and delivering solutions that help your business run at its best – no matter the industry. Rush Truck Centers has more than 50 International dealerships across the country that have new and used International truck inventory.

International LT Series Truck

Heavy-Duty Trucks.

Take the show on the road with International’s heavy-duty truck models. Designed for life on the highway, the International LT Series®, RH Series and LoneStar® are ready to go the distance with a hauling capability of over 26,001 pounds. And International always keeps the driver’s needs in mind by ensuring their heavy-duty truck models are not only safe and comfortable for driving long distances, but also fun to drive.

RTC-International-HX Series Truck

Severe-Duty Trucks.

International’s severe-duty trucks are built to work for a living. The durable and rugged HV Series and HX® Series models are tough enough for any job and can haul over 33,001 pounds on even the most punishing of job sites. With cabs that keep drivers comfortable, block out distracting noise and still ensure maximum visibility, these severe-duty trucks pack a serious punch.

International MV Series Redesign

Medium-Duty Trucks.

International’s medium-duty models offer versatility and maneuverability without sacrificing the durability of International’s bigger classes. Whether you need a vehicle that effortlessly navigates busy job sites or zips through city streets, International’s MV Series and CV Series models can handle it.

International eMV Series Truck

Electric Trucks.

International is a complete eMobility solutions provider, pairing years of experience with industry-leading infrastructure to offer the “just right” electric solution. The revolutionary International eMV Series is built on the same proven foundation as the diesel MV Series while offering the benefits of reduced maintenance and zero-emissions that come with electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who makes International Trucks and where are they manufactured?

International Trucks is owned by Navistar, one of the largest manufacturers of Class 4 through 8 trucks and buses in North America. Navistar is part of the TRATON GROUP, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.  

International builds the CV Series, MV Series and HV Series at its assembly plant in Springfield, Ohio, and has a facility in Escobedo, Mexico, that manufactures the full range of Class 8 vehicles. In early 2022, Navistar opened a new manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas, that will produce Class 6 through 8 diesel and electric vehicles. Navistar also has a powertrain manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama, that supplies the vehicle assembly plants in Springfield and Escobedo. 

What engines are in International Trucks?

International Trucks equips their vehicles with the best diesel engines available to ensure they always operate at the highest level. The big-bore International A26 engine is available in LT Series, RH Series, HV Series and HX Series models, while the International 6.6 engine is available in the lighter duty CV Series. In addition, the MV Series, LoneStar, LT Series, HV Series and HX Series are available with industry-leading Cummins X15, B6.7 or L9 engines depending on the model.

The eMV Series is equipped with an 210kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with a dedicated HVAC system.

In August 2022, Navistar announced the new S13 Integrated Powertrain by International Truck. Comprised of the S13 diesel engine, T14 14-speed fully automated manual transmission, and next-gen aftertreatment system, the S13 Integrated Powertrain will be available in new LT and RH Series trucks and will be manufactured at Navistar's plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

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How much does an International truck cost?

The cost of an International truck can vary greatly depending on the model, year, mileage, condition, configuration and added customizations.

View our new and used International truck inventory and contact us to receive a specific quote from one of our sales representatives based on the vehicle and any customization options you are interested in.

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What safety features do International Trucks come with?

International designs its trucks with safety in mind. On the exterior, the doors feature large, one-piece windows and rain deflectors that allow for greater driver visibility in all conditions, while air disc brakes reduce stopping distance and nearly eliminate brake fade. Inside the cab, all International truck models include an air horn lanyard for easy activation and the premium cluster dash panel that places driver-critical data in a single, easy-to-read location.

When it comes to collision mitigation, International trucks come standard with adaptive cruise control that uses forward-facing radar and cameras to adjust speed and engage brakes as necessary, and blind spot detection and lane departure warnings are available on select models.

Are International Trucks equipped with vehicle monitoring and navigational systems?

All International Trucks can be equipped with International’s OnCommand® Connection advanced remote diagnostics systems. OnCommand Connection provides vehicle fault code reporting and severity ratings, comprehensive vehicle health reports, interactive action plans to identify the most likely needed parts and service, dealer inventory for needed parts, and GPS mapping with nearby service centers, hotels and more. OnCommand Connection also has other available integrated tools such as Advanced Preventive Maintenance, Advanced Fuel Analytics, Fleet Health Monitoring and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. OnCommand Connection comes standard for five years on new LT Series, RH Series and LoneStar models. 

Rush Truck Centers also partners with Geotab, the leading provider of commercial telematics, to offer one of the most advanced solutions for remote diagnostics and monitoring services. When the Geotab GO® device when installed your International truck it integrates with OnCommand Connection's open architecture to provide real-time data for visibility into the activity of your fleet so you can take steps to optimize fleet performance. And our RushCare Customer Support Team can provide a variety of technology and support solutions to increase your uptime, improve safety and strengthen compliance.

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What is the International 360 service communication tool?

International 360 is International’s proprietary service communications tools designed to accelerate the repair process by streamlining communication between drivers and the service centers – all leading to greater uptime. International 360 comes standard for five years on new LT Series, RH Series and LoneStar models. 

Rush Truck Centers customers also have access to Service Connect™, our industry leading tool that provides a 24/7 on-demand, 360-degree view of the service process for vehicles in our service departments. Service connect provides two-way communication with our service teams and integrates with International’s OnCommand® Connection diagnostics system so that drivers can access service information in the most convenient way for them.

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What is International’s DriverFirst philosophy?

DriverFirst™ is International’s user-centric approach to designing and optimizing its vehicles, putting the needs and wants of the driver at the forefront. Through a deeper understanding of the different types of drivers, their capabilities and their preferences, International designs trucks that drivers want to drive. Some of the ways this philosophy is evident in every International truck model are enhanced safety features such as improved forward visibility and top-of-the-line collision mitigation technology, ergonomically designed cabs that reduce vibration and improve driver comfort, integrated OnCommand® Connection diagnostics for optimized productivity, and class-leading aerodynamics and predictive cruise control for improved fuel economy and efficiency.

What does severe-duty mean?

Severe-Duty trucks are Class 8 heavy-duty trucks built for vocational use. Typically designed to be more durable and haul heavier loads, severe-duty trucks are designed for specific vocations, such as dump trucks, mixer trucks, crane trucks, snowplows, fire and rescue trucks, tow trucks and more. International’s HV and HX Series models are severe-duty trucks.

How many full-service International dealerships does Rush Truck Centers have?

Rush Truck Centers is the largest commercial vehicle dealership in the country and currently operates 55 full-service International dealerships in Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia.

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Is Rush Truck Centers certified to service and sell parts for International Trucks?

Our Rush Truck Centers dealerships are staffed by factory-trained, ASE-certified technicians qualified to work on heavy- and medium-duty vehicles of all makes and models. We currently have 59 dealerships certified to service and sell parts for International trucks, 32 of which are Diamond EdgeSM Certified by International. Diamond Edge Certified dealers must pass rigorous parts and service guidelines set by International that ensure customers experience faster service, immediate parts availability and a higher level of servicing expertise.

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