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Grants and Incentives
for Bus Purchases

Our dedicated team offers solutions on the grants and funding opportunities available to help you capitalize on federal and state grant money and incentive programs. And we'll work with you through all stages of the grant and funding process — from eligibility and application to implementation, reporting and compliance.

Grants and Incentives Services

We keep you informed of applicable grant opportunities.

We help confirm your eligibility and simplify the application process.

We help you reduce capital expenditures with grants and other available funding.

We help align fleet replacement and procurement strategies with current and future grants.

We assist you in utilizing available funds and implementing sustainability goals.


Save with Clean Air Grant Programs

Millions of dollars in funding is available to replace older over-the-road diesel and gasoline vehicles with new diesel, electric, natural gas, propane and other alternative fuel buses.

If you are considering buying a new diesel, electric, natural gas or propane bus, you may be eligible for tax credits, grants, incentives and other funding opportunities. Grants and incentives help to offset the purchase price of diesel and alternative fuel buses and enable you to deploy more projects for low and zero emissions.


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Electric Bus Grants and Incentives

When electric buses make sense for your business, financial assistance from federal grants or local power companies can help you add electric buses to your fleet.

Let the experts at Rush Truck Centers help you throughout the process, from eligibility and application to implementation, reporting and compliance.

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We've already done the homework. We will show you step by step how to qualify for federal and state grant funding and other available incentives. We will help you compile and expedite the paperwork needed to apply for funding and demonstrate how your new vehicle investment can pay off faster.

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