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Electric Vehicle Service Capabilities

As the premier solutions provider in the commercial vehicle industry, it's only natural that we'd be prepared to service and provide support for the emerging electric commercial vehicles market. As you look to make investments in electric vehicles for your fleet, we’ll be ready to provide the level of support you need.

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Electric Vehicle Parts and Service

We’ll continue to invest in technician training and shop tooling to enable us to provide service and repair support for our customers who operate electric vehicles. We are also committed to investing in electric vehicle charging stations at our dealerships, starting with key Rush Truck Centers locations first.

Our parts experts are receiving the training they need to ensure they can quickly and effectively identify and source the parts needed to keep you up and running. We will also be adding specialty electric vehicle parts and accessories to our inventory as the market demands.


Investing in Charging Infrastructure for Your Fleet

Infrastructure additions are part of the integration process when bringing electric vehicles into your fleet. The good news is that the right charging infrastructure can help you better manage your energy needs overall. Rush Truck Centers can help you navigate all aspects of the necessary infrastructure, from the companies that can support your needs to helping to find potential financial assistance and grants that may be available in your area.

State of the Electric Trucking Industry

The power sources and technologies that fuel America’s trucking industry are rapidly evolving. We talked to Rush Enterprises’ Director of EV Development to get his take on the current state of the electric trucking industry and the options available for truck and fleet owners on The Long Haul blog.

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