Natural Gas Truck Sales and Service.

No one is more committed to natural gas vehicles than Rush Truck Centers. From trained natural gas sales experts to assistance with grants and funding to parts, service and aftermarket fuel system installations, we are your source for alternative fuel vehicle sales and support.


Alternative fuel sales expertise.

Rush Truck Centers is the leader in alternative fuel system vehicles and offers natural gas-powered trucks from industry leaders including Peterbilt, International, Ford and Isuzu.  Our sales specialists are experts in natural gas technologies and can help find the right solution for your business.  And our dedicated natural gas consultant understands Federal, State and local laws and regulations and can help you take advantage of available grants, incentives and tax deductions.  We can even provide assistance in completing paperwork and locating the assistance that best fits your operation.


Natural gas service and support.

We’ve made extensive investments in technician training and facility upgrades to help ensure that our technicians can properly and safely maintain and repair natural gas vehicles.  Across our network, we have more than 170 natural gas certified technicians and that number is growing rapidly.  We make it our business to keep up to date on all State and Federal emissions regulations to ensure your trucks are in compliance with EPA, CARB, Port, and designated non-attainment and anti-idling area standards.  We are also specialists in retrofit technologies and parts.


Dedicated facilities.

Due to special ventilation and safety requirements, we have invested in dedicated natural gas service bays at many Rush Truck Centers locations across the country.  We’ve even built complete natural gas service facilities in some regions.  And we continue to expand our natural gas service capabilities – going forward, all new construction will be equipped with natural gas service facilities.

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Engine repowers and alternative fuel system installation.

Engine repowers and alternative fuel system installations, including natural gas, require extreme specialization and proper facilities.  Our Custom Vehicle Solutions and Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies divisions are industry leaders in these areas and can help assure your natural gas fuel system installations are done correctly and safely.

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