Lift UP Insulated Aerial Lift Ladder on Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

Introducing the Ford E-Transit with Insulated Aerial Lift

Rush Truck Centers continues to offer new products and solutions to help our customers do business. That is why we’re excited to bring a new reliable and all-electric aerial ladder option to our customers as the preferred dealer of Lift UP RH38DGA insulated aerial ladders mounted on Ford® E-Transit and Transit® cargo vans.

Our nine Ford Dealers have new Ford E-Transit and Transit vans with Lift UP insulated aerial ladders available to order now. We also offer parts and service support for the complete vehicle.

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Ford E-Transit with Lift UP RH38DGA

Insulated Aerial Ladder with Ground Access

The RH38DGA mounted on a Ford E-Transit offers an efficient telescopic insulated ladder. Its gooseneck design and three-section ladder can be extended to 38 feet with ground access and the basket is easily accessed from the ground or bumper via a side door.

  • Works best with Ford E-Transit and Transit models for reliable gas and fully electric options.
  • Ladder is powered by an independent battery, so it won’t drain vehicle batteries.
  • Ladder works entirely independently of the vehicle, meaning no power take off (PTO) is needed.
  • Single man, ergonomically designed basket is capable of 350 pounds.
  • Internal bridge mount design for easy access to the maximized cargo storage space. No pedestal in the way.
  • Made of durable, military-grade alloy, which is 48% lighter and three times stronger than conventional steel.
  • Superior, electrical-grade insulated fiberglass ladder sections provide 46Kv class C insulation certification.
  • No outriggers or stabilizers needed. Can be parked on sidewalks without taking up lanes of traffic. Optional outriggers available upon request.
  • No CDL required.
Ford E-Transit Cargo Van alt

Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

For a 100% electric solution, mount the battery-powered Lift UP insulated aerial ladder on the Ford E-Transit cargo van. Designed for a range of 126 miles and maximum payload of 3,800 lbs. on low-roof models, the E-Transit can help you get the job done.

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Ford Transit Cargo Van alt

Ford Transit Cargo Van

Mount the Lift UP insulated aerial ladder on a gas-powered Transit van for a dependable and convenient long-distance option. With up to 487.3 cu. ft. of cargo space and a maximum payload of 5,110 lbs., the Transit Cargo Van is ready to work.

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Telematics Solutions

Between Rush Truck Centers Telematics Solutions and Ford Pro Telematics, we can help you optimize your fleet’s productivity. Compatible with any make or model, telematics provides real-time OEM-grade data on a convenient dashboard. Get battery charge levels and range based on actual use, solve issues before they become a problem, and schedule charging during off-peak hours all through telematics solutions.

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Electric Vehicle Grants and Incentives

When electric vehicles make sense for your business, financial assistance from federal grants or local power companies can help you add electric vehicles to your fleet. Our electric vehicle funding experts will guide you through the funding process, from finding available grants and supportive funds to completing your application and more.

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More Locations. More Solutions.

Rush Truck Centers offers new Ford units, and certified parts and service support, for the Ford E-Transit, Transit and LiftUP RH38DGA at nine of our dealership locations. Every new truck we sell comes with RushCare Complete, our total service management solution, and we can add a customizable Maintenance Plan to help keep you up and running for years to come.

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RH38DGA Specifications






LIFTING RING: 550 lbs.

ROTATION: 360° Continuous


APPROX. WEIGHT: 1,190 lbs.

GVWR MIN. REQUIRED: 9,500 lbs.