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Dennis Eagle’s ProView chassis is designed specifically for waste collection but is also a good base for road striping or concrete mixing applications. The low-entry cab gives drivers the best view of the road and has been proven in the toughest climates in the world. The American-made ProView is built in Summerville, South Carolina, by Dennis Eagle, the world leader in design and manufacturing of refuse vehicles as part of the Terberg Environmental Group. Rush Truck Centers has 16 Dennis Ealge dealerships across the country that have new chassis in stock as well as bodied-up inventory available.

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ProView Chassis

Designed for Refuse Applications

Dennis Eagle is part of the Terberg Environmental Group, which specializes in manufacturing chassis, bodies and specialty equipment for refuse markets around the world. The group’s eco-technology solutions are used worldwide with a focus on providing the right solution, with the right quality to ensure satisfaction the world over. Based on Dennis Eagle’s knowledge of refuse collection operations around the world, the ProView is American-made and purpose-built for the North American market. The low-entry ProView is compatible with a range of bodies to meet our customers’ needs.

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