Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Mudflaps | Supporting a Cure for the Long Haul

Join Us in Supporting a Cure for the Long Haul

Rush Truck Centers is proud to share that we sold 2,361 Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts in addition to other merchandise and 1,410 pink mudflaps in the U.S. and Canada. With the help of promotional supplier Boundless Network, we have donated $3,554 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you for joining Rush Truck Centers in Supporting a Cure for the Long Haul™.

Pink mudflaps are still available for purchase at our Rush Truck Centers locations nationwide.

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Get Your Limited-Edition Pink Mudflaps and Support Breast Cancer Awareness

  • 24" x 24" Mudflap | PN: 183946-2-RTC | $18.00 each
  • 24" x 30" Mudflap | PN: 183947-2-RTC | $21.00 each
  • 24" x 36" Mudflap | PN: 183948-2-RTC | $24.00 each


  • .160" Thick, virgin UV-stabilized polyethylene resin with smooth finish
  • Manufactured with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Durable yet flexible, as well as curl-resistant


Quantities are limited. Prices valid while supplies last.


Donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is dedicated to being the end of breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research. Founded by Evelyn H. Lauder in 1993, BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and metastasis. BCRF is the largest private funder of breast cancer research — and metastatic breast cancer research — worldwide and is the highest-rated breast cancer organization in the country.

Donate to BCRF