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Telematics Solutions for Your Fleet.

Rush Truck Centers Telematics Solutions gives you real-time information on your fleet’s operations, enabling you to optimize productivity, performance, safety and maintenance while streamlining regulatory performance. You can monitor driving habits, track fuel consumption, manage DOT/ELD compliance and much more. With our telematics solutions, you will have the actionable insights you need to optimize your fleet’s efficiency.

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We’ve partnered with Geotab, the leading provider of commercial telematics, to offer one of the most advanced solutions for fleet managers. We offer a complete package of telematics hardware, remote diagnostics and monitoring services from people who know trucking and have your business needs in mind. Getting started can be simple. The compact Geotab GO® device plugs directly into your vehicle’s diagnostic port, and our team of technology specialists will help you identify the right harness connector for any make and model in your fleet. We can also customize a solution from our comprehensive selection of hardware parts.

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Our telematics system provides solutions for a variety of industries, vehicle types and fleet sizes, including trucking, towing, refuse, construction, service, pickup and delivery, and bus. With Rush Truck Centers and Geotab, you will have access to real-time data for visibility into the activity of your fleet so you can take steps to optimize fleet performance. With risk and safety reports, driver scorecards and accident detection, you can have a significant impact on driver performance and safety. The system also makes regulatory compliance easier and faster. Vehicle health reports let you address maintenance issues before they become problematic. And the considerable data expansion capabilities of the system give you access to additional resources to meet the specific needs of your fleet.

  • Simplify Compliance
  • Enhance Productivity and Efficiency
  • Reinforce Driver Safety
  • Maintain Accuracy of Records
  • Promote Communication with Drivers
  • Manage Administrative Time and Costs
  • Track Arrival and Departure Times and Delivery Status
  • Engine Fault Reporting for Proactive Vehicle Maintenance


At Rush Truck Centers, we understand you need a technology solution that will increase uptime, improve safety and strengthen compliance. Through our RushCare Customer Support Team, the Service Connect repair status tracking system, and our nationwide service and support network, we offer an industry-leading solution that is fully customizable for your specific business needs.

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