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Telematics hardware devices and dashboards
Telematics dash cams, back up cameras and collision avoidance devices

Cameras and Collision Avoidance

We offer devices from the top suppliers such as Mobileye®, Preco®, Rearview Systems®, SmartWitness®, Surfsight, VideoProtects® and Zone Defense®. Cameras and sensors are not all universal, so whether you have a bus, waste truck, utility or heavy-duty truck, we can find the right device for you.

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VideoProtects Dash Cams

Our Telematics experts work with VideoProtects Video Monitoring Service to offer insight into risky driving events. VideoProtects, integrated with Geotab®, brings you the power of event review and scoring to your desktop. The VP220D Dual-Facing Dash Camera and the optional VP220-3 Cargo/Utility Camera, provide compact, high-quality continuous recording options for your vehicle.

And with continuous recording technology from driver- and road-facing cameras, combined with artificial intelligence, you have a firsthand perspective to help you improve safety and fleet efficiency.

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VideoProtects Video Monitoring Service for Fleets

VideoProtects Video dashboard


Surfsight Dash Cams

Rush Truck Centers Telematics Solutions works with Surfsight, now powered by Lytx®, to offer dash cam options that provide real-time insights into vehicles and driver behavior to help managers and drivers improve safety and fleet efficiency. The Surfsight AI-12 dash cam seamlessly integrates with our Geotab platform to capture clear video and images both inside the cab and on the road.

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Surfsight Solutions
Powered by Lytx

Surfsight dashboard

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