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Benefits of Telematics Solutions for Fleets and Truck Owners

January 30, 2023 Technology Author: Rush Truck Centers Read Time: 4.5 Min

The power of data cannot be overstated — especially when it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles spread across the country or the world. Whether overseeing 20 or 1,000 trucks, companies need an easy way to keep track of their vehicles and drivers and ensure regulations are being followed, safety precautions are being taken and business operations are optimized for peak efficiency.

That’s where telematics technology comes in. Telematics technology and the data it provides can provide immense benefits for companies and truck drivers, from improving safety and efficiency to reducing costs and improving communication. Below are some of the greatest benefits of investing in telematics solutions:

Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

Telematics has become crucial in what is known as the Internet of Things that Move (IoTtM), the idea that data allows for more efficient routing and scheduling as well as better optimized use of resources. By using real-time GPS location tracking and engine and driver hour logs, companies can optimize their fleet logistics by quickly and easily allocating new or additional jobs to the nearest vehicle and providing them with the most efficient routes to reach their destinations. This enables vehicles to drive fewer miles overall and helps minimize delays in completing services or deliveries.

Telematics can also further improve fuel mileage and efficiency by allowing drivers to avoid areas with traffic congestion or inclement weather as well as allowing companies to identify drivers who are taking unwarranted breaks or making unscheduled stops.

Reinforce Driver Safety

Telematics systems provide many benefits when it comes to improving driver safety. The ability to monitor driving styles and driver behavior as well as receive safety reports on speeding, harsh braking, backing up and seat belt use allows companies to build driver and vehicle scorecards and provide in-cab coaching as unsafe practices are detected. Improvement can also be measured and driver safety trainings can be developed using data-based reports from the telematics system, leading to safer vehicle operation and highly competent drivers.

In the event of a collision or accident, telematics GPS data can assist in getting emergency assistance to the right location quickly and dash cam video footage may be able to clear drivers of fault and help reconstruct accidents to prove the driver is innocent. Recordings and telematics safety metrics that prove safe driving habits can also be shared with insurance companies to lower the cost of premiums or dispute rate increases following an accident.

Simplify Compliance

National, state and local regulations influence how businesses and drivers operate, and staying compliant dictates whether you can remain on the road. Telematics and ELDs make it simpler than ever to comply with FMCSA hours-of-service mandates and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) mileage reporting requirements with the ability to track needed vehicle inspections, monitor hours of service, record mileage and audit driver time and attendance. ELDs can even alert users to mandatory driving breaks and their total elapsed time behind the wheel since they began their trip. Armed with this data from their telematics system, drivers and companies can stay fully compliant while controlling their trip planning and integrating breaks as required.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs may be one of the largest expenses fleets face, but telematics data can assist with detecting and reducing excessive fuel use to improve fuel efficiency and reduce expenditures. Telematics systems allow companies to optimize driver operations to ensure they are traveling the most efficient routes by avoiding traffic congestion or accident backups, which in turn reduces engine idling time and burns less fuel.

Keeping up with maintenance on fuel filters, spark plugs and air filters can also drastically improve fuel efficiency and decrease the load on other mechanical systems. A telematics system can help companies keep track of when service is needed on their fleet vehicles so they can stay on top of scheduled maintenance and keep fuel efficiency at peak levels.

Promote Communication with Drivers

Telematics makes it easy to quickly identify issues and communicate them with drivers in real time. Whether it’s providing feedback to improve performance or sending route or job updates on the fly, telematics simplifies the communication process and reduces the need for drivers to wait for instruction. Fleet management systems also ensure companies have access to the data they need to make decisions faster, so they can spend more time identifying areas in need of improvement and implementing solutions.

Reduce Service Costs with Proactive Vehicle Maintenance

Regular maintenance and early detection of vehicle health issues are key to keeping fleets running and preventing costly repairs down the road. Through remote diagnostics, comprehensive vehicle health reports and even tire pressure monitoring available through telematics systems, companies can address vehicle maintenance issues before they become significant problems and lead to downtime.

Telematics systems offer automatic record-keeping and maintenance alert tools that make it easy to adhere to preventive maintenance schedules determined by odometer readings and recommended by manufacturers, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and a longer life for fleet vehicles.

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