Introducing the International® S13 Integrated Powertrain.

At Rush Truck Centers, we strive to offer new products and solutions that can help customers do business and meet their goals. That is why we’re excited to offer the new S13 Integrated Powertrain by International Trucks to help shift what’s possible.

International Trucks S13 Engine

Up to a 15% Boost in Efficiency.*

The S13 engine can operate at low RPMs with high torque, which equates to less fuel consumed while still delivering up to 515 horsepower and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. Thanks to a new dual stage aftertreatment system, the heavy (40-50 pounds), expensive (approx. $2,500) and finicky EGR cooler is no longer needed to reduce emissions. Its absence helps the S13 be the lightest 13-liter diesel engine providing maximum performance and efficiency.

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*Compared to the 2017 International A26 engine in a 2017 International LT with aero package. Actual customer results may vary due to various factors, including but not limited to, truck specifications, weight of the vehicle, predictive features, environmental conditions, etc.

T14 Transmission from International Trucks

Making the Shift.

The all-new, fully automated T14 is a 14-speed overdrive manual transmission that is optimized to deliver peak fuel economy performance in direct drive during typical load. Since it does not consume air during complicated maneuvers – like backing a trailer into a tight loading dock – there is no need to stop and let the air recharge. It also uses an oil-to-water coolant system to optimize temperature regulation in both hot and cold environments, which is one reason the T14 is able to achieve a gross combination weight (GCW) of up to 240,000 pounds.

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S13 Dual Stage Aftertreatment from International Trucks

Next-Gen Aftertreatment.

Each component can focus on what it does best. Eliminating the EGR cooler is a prime example. Instead of trying to control NOx emissions inside the cylinder, the engine operates with zero EGR during regular operation so it can generate more power. Removing the EGR produces much less soot or particulate matter, allowing for extended service intervals and eliminating the need for active regens. The aftertreatment system provides a simple, reliable solution that is easily serviceable.

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Detailed Specs and Warranty Information.

S13 Engine Technical Specifications

ENGINE TYPE: Diesel, 4-Cycle

CONFIGURATION: Inline 6-Cylinder


BORE & STROKE: 5.12 in. & 6.30 in.


ASPIRATION: Fixed Geometry Turbocharger

COMBUSTION SYSTEM: 1800 bar Common Rail


TOTAL ENGINE WEIGHT: (Dry) 2,284 lbs.

VALVES: 4 Valves Per Cylinder, Dual Overhead Camshaft

B10 DESIGN LIFEL 1,200,000 miles

S13 Engine Warranty


2 years, unlimited miles, unlimited hours


5 years, 500,000 miles


2 years, unlimited miles, unlimited hours


Up to 6 years, 600,000 miles


Up to 7 years, 700,000 miles

*Towing for vehicles with engine failures

T14 Transmission Key Benefits

• Deep low-end gearing and shifting smoothness, delivering efficiencies of a direct drive in an overdrive package

• 14 speed with 2 crawler gears

• A lightweight, efficiently packaged and robustly designed gearbox

• Single counter shaft transmission designed for simplicity and reliability

T14 Transmission Warranty


50,000 miles (1,200,000 km) up to 1750 lb-ft


500,000 miles (800,000 km) greater than 1750 lb-ft

Dual Stage Aftertreatment Key Benefits

With Dual Stage Aftertreatment, and significantly improved emission control, the combustion can be optimized further for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

• Two DEF Injectors

• Dual Stage catalysts with upstream and midstream DEF dosing

• No driver interaction required

• The system manages the regeneration during operation

• DPF filter does not need to be cleaned/replaced until 650,000 miles @ >8.2 mpg

• Robust, compact aftertreatment allows less heat loss and helps significantly in improving the fuel economy and packaging

Dual Stage Aftertreatment Warranty

Dual Stage Aftertreatment Warranty

2 years, unlimited miles, unlimited hours

LT® Series and RH™ Series

R2 12.60 -
R1 16.23 -
1 20.81 29%
2 16.16 29%
3 12.57 29%
4 9.76 29%
5 7.56 29%
6 5.87 29%
7 4.55 29%
8 3.53 28%
9 2.77 29%
10 2.15 29%
11 1.66 29%
12 1.29 29%
13 1.00 28%
14 0.78 -