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International eMV Series MV60E Electric Truck


The International® eMV Series is the first electric offering in conjunction with Navistar's NEXT eMobility Solutions. It is specifically designed to be just what you need because they thought of more than the vehicle itself.

The new International eMV Series is built on the same proven foundation as the diesel MV Series to deliver an eMobility solution that is just right. Suited for any straight rail application* and with a vehicle performance of 335 horsepower and battery capacity of 135 miles, the new eMV is ready to get the job done. Equipped with electric drive motor the International eMV features three levels of regen braking, AC/DC charging and Vehicle to Grid (VTG) capability. And its new design with improved visibility and breakaway mirrors provide additional safety.


  • MV60E


  • 25,999 and 33,000 lbs.

Battery System

  • High Voltage - 210 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate with dedicated HVAC System


  • 738 ft.-lbs. Continuous
  • 1,700 ft-lbs. Peak

Axle Configurations

  • 4x2

Cab Type

  • Day Cab

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