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Micro Bird MB-II Multi-Function School Activity Bus

Micro Bird MB-II.

Multi-Function School Activity Bus

The Micro Bird MB-II multi-function school activity bus is well known as the widest Type A school bus in its class thanks to its extra-wide oval body. Offering flexible configuration options for superior comfort and capacity of up to 20 passengers in four or five rows, the MB-II MFSAB can safely accommodate all of your ambulatory and special needs transportation.

The Micro Bird MB-II is renowned for its superior maneuverability and adaptability.  Available in either Ford or Chevy/GMC models, the MB-II MFSAB features either a Chevy/GMC 4.3L or 6.0L or Ford 7.3L gasoline engine. The Micro Bird MB-II MFSAB offers a single-leaf wheelchair door that meets FMVSS/CMVSS 206 standards and is the only lift-equipped single rear wheel vehicle offered in the market. All Micro Bird buses are reinforced by heavy-gauge steel side-impact barriers and integrated child seats and three-point lap and shoulder seat belts are available for enhanced safety and versatility. A “More View” window and fully glassed entry door maximize the driver’s view of students entering and exiting. Micro Bird MFSABs meet all FMVSS for school buses except those requiring the installation of traffic control devices (flashing lights and stop arms).

Passenger Capacity

  • Up to 20

Chassis Options

  • Chevy/GMC
  • Ford


  • Chevy/GMC: 400, 500, 700 and 800
  • Ford: 700 and 800


  • Chevy/GMC: 9,900-10,100 lbs.
  • Ford: 10,050 lbs.


  • Chevy/GMC 4.3L Gas
  • Chevy/GMC 6.6L Gas
  • Ford 7.3L Gas Economy or Premium


  • Chevy/GMC 4.3L: 8-Speed Automatic HD Overdrive
  • Chevy/GMC 6.6L: 6-Speed Automatic HD Overdrive
  • Ford: 6-Speed Automatic Overdrive


  • Chevy/GMC: 139"
  • Ford: 138"


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