Hino 195H and 195H DC Hybrid Trucks.

Hino Light- and Medium-Duty Trucks are one of the fastest growing brands in America. From Cab-Over and Hybrid Light-Duty to Class 7 Medium-Duty applications, Hino delivers. The Class 5 Hino cab-over models were designed from the ground up, specifically for the North American market. Not only do they deliver the goods for urban transportation, they set a new standard for driver safety and comfort.


Hino 195h/195h DC.

The Hino 195h and 195h DC Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over represent a giant leap for alternative fuel commercial vehicles in North America.  In fact, it was designed from the ground up for the U.S. and arrives with the benefit of six generations of technological evolution and more than 10,000 production vehicles already on the road around the world.  Hino makes the Diesel-Electric Hybrid a viable option in the U.S. commercial truck industry for the first time.

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