Work-Ready Refrigerator Trucks.

No one offers you more work-ready trucks than Rush Truck Centers. Our exclusive Ready to Roll® program offers hundreds of bodied-up trucks in stock from the brands you trust – no need to wait for the body you need to be mounted on the truck chassis. Call our sales specialists today at 855-765-7874 so we can help find the exact truck you need.


Refrigerator Trucks.

Also called reefers, refrigerated vans or insulated vans, refrigerator trucks are used to keep your perishable cargo at a consistent temperature.  Certain options can take temperatures down to -20 degrees and are used by businesses such as seafood, dairy, ice, meat, food service and ice cream.  Another version is a lightly-insulated van body designed to take the edge off the outside temperature.  Refrigerator trucks come ready to add side doors, barn doors, lift gates and ramps. Call a Ready to Roll sales specialist today at 855-765-7874.

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