Peterbilt New Model 537 Medium-Duty Trucks.

Peterbilt's new medium-duty trucks are the ultimate in versatility, technology and productivity. Multiple hood and roof options provide excellent visibility and optimal maneuverablilty. A 7" digital display is the largest in the industry with easy-to use and customizable, state-of the art technology. And the new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission’s advanced engineering and intelligent technology features allow you to simply drive smarter.

Peterbilt New Model 537

Peterbilt New Model 537.

In its next generation of medium-duty trucks, Peterbilt replaces Model 337 with the New Model 537. The Peterbilt New Model 537 is so versatile, its available as a Class 7 truck or tractor, with a GVWR up to 33,000 lbs. and can be up-fitted with a variety of body types. Two cab roof heights, hood configurations, bumper and electrical wiring, and a full range of suspension options are all designed to deliver an ideal match for your vocational application. The New Model 537 comes with a suite of technologies, including a 7-inch digital display, collision mitigation, stability control and side object detection. And the new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission is a smooth and efficient shifter, offering fuel savings plus a lower total cost of ownership with a lifetime oil filter and extended service intervals.

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