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Peterbilt Model 220

A compact medium-duty package perfect for urban applications, the Peterbilt Model 220 does it all — safely, in comfort and in style. A low-weight chassis enables better fuel economy and lower emissions. The single axle provides tighter handling and added maneuverability. Sensor-driven safety, a fuel-efficient PACCAR engine, a spacious cab, a driver information display, multi-functional steering and electronic stability control are a few more of the reasons to explore the Peterbilt Model 220.

The Peterbilt Model 220 features an advanced braking system that combines collision mitigation, electronic stability and automatic traction controls to ensure safer operation. Plus the Model 220’s electronic stability control comes with the Wabco SmartTrac™ ESC, and when engaged provides more stability, directional control and safer decelerations through selective braking. The lightweight PACCAR PX-7 engine, equipped with the Common Rail Fuel System, uses less fuel without sacrificing performance or reliability, and ensures the Model 220 operates quieter, cleaner and with greater efficiency — in town and on the highway. The Peterbilt Model 220 medium-duty truck is designed for advanced safety, as well as efficiency and uptime.


  • 6 or 7


  • Pickup, Delivery, Beverage, Refuse


  • 26,000–33,000 lbs.


  • 200–260 hp

Peak Torque

  • 520–660 lb.-ft.




  • Allison Automatic

Cab Type

  • Day Cab

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