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Peterbilt Model 536

The highly adaptable Peterbilt Model 536 combines formidable durability and power. For non-CDL applications up to 26,000 lbs., this medium-duty truck is easy to drive and ideal for pick-up and delivery jobs. The Peterbilt 536 is built to stay productive for the long term and is highly adaptable for a wide range of applications.

With intuitive technology, generous maneuverability and a roomy, ergonomic cab for three, the Model 536 was built to get the job done. A 55-degree wheel cut allows drivers to maneuver in congested urban environments and tight loading and unloading conditions, while the configurable 7" display keeps the driver up to date on key vehicle information. The PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission combined with a PACCAR PX-7 or PX-9 engine delivers an ideal blend of power, fuel economy and uptime. The Peterbilt 536 also comes with the option for a Cummins L9N or B6.7N natural gas engine.


  • 6


  • Pickup and Delivery


  • Up to 26,000 lbs.


  • 200–380 hp

Peak Torque

  • 520–1,250 lb.-ft.


  • PACCAR L9N Natural Gas
  • PACCAR B6.7N Natural Gas


  • PACCAR TX-8 Automatic
  • Eaton Ultrashift Automated
  • Allison Automatic
  • Eaton Manual

Cab Type

  • Day Cab

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