Peterbilt New Model 536 Medium-Duty Trucks.

Peterbilt’s new medium-duty trucks are the ultimate in versatility, technology and productivity. Multiple hood and roof options provide excellent visibility and optimal maneuverablilty. A 7” digital display is the largest in the industry with easy-to use and customizable, state-of the art technology. And the new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission’s advanced engineering and intelligent technology features allow you to simply drive smarter.

Peterbilt New Model 536

Peterbilt New Model 536.

Peterbilt replaces Model 330 with the New Model 536 in its next generation of medium-duty trucks. The highly adaptable New Model 536 combines formidable durability and power. With intuitive technology, generous maneuverability and a roomy, ergonomic cab for three, the New Model 536 was built to get the job done. For non-CDL applications up to 26,000 lbs., this medium-duty truck is easy to drive and ideal for pick-up and delivery jobs. The PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission combined with a PACCAR PX-7 or PX-9 engine delivers an ideal blend of power, fuel economy and uptime.

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