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Peterbilt Model 389X

Peterbilt is celebrating the history of the iconic Model 389 before its departure at the end of 2023 with the new, limited-edition Peterbilt Model 389X. Available through December 31, 2023, the Model 389X embodies the spirit of trucking through bold yet traditional design features and a stunning display of chrome and class.

Elevated exterior features on the Peterbilt Model 389X include a polished hood crown and louvered grille, a chrome bumper and 7” exhaust stacks, and polished fenders, cowl skirts, battery boxes and fuel tanks. Special LED amber accent lights that illuminate the exterior and 389X special-edition logos add the finishing touch. The inside of the 389X is as bold as the exterior, with new Black Pearl burl woodgrain dash panels, black finish trim in the cab and sleeper, chrome grab handles and 389X emblems on the shifter plate, headrests and the back wall of the sleeper. To commemorate this special-edition truck, the chrome dash plate in the Model 389X is engraved with a unique production number that makes each truck one of a kind.


  • 8


  • On-Highway


  • 400–605 hp

Peak Torque

  • 1,450–2,050 lb.-ft.


  • PACCAR MX-13
  • Cummins X15


  • PACCAR TX-12 Automated
  • PACCAR TX-18 Automated
  • Eaton Endurant Automated
  • Eaton FR/RT Manual
  • Eaton UltraShift Automated

Cab Type

  • Day Cab
  • 72" or 78" Sleeper

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