Peterbilt Model 579 Trucks.

Peterbilt's incomparable lineup includes the On-Highway New Model 579 and the iconic Model 389, Vocational Models 567, 520, 367 and 365, and Medium-Duty New Models 548, 537, 536, 535, plus the ever-popular Model 220. On highways, construction sites, city streets or logging roads, Peterbilt trucks are designed, configured and built to do one important job – yours.

Peterbilt New Model 579

Peterbilt New Model 579.

Meet Peterbilt’s New Model 579, born from a relentless focus to increase fuel economy and take driver comfort to new heights. Outside, the New Model 579’s highly-advanced aerodynamics are not only good-looking, but hard-working, delivering up to a 7% improvement in fuel economy. Inside, innovative technologies like the new 15-inch digital display, customizable gauges and lane keeping assist make driving the New Model 579 a pleasure. All while the integrated PACCAR Powertrain is delivering superior performance and a lower cost of ownership. Peterbilt's New Model 579 has reset the standard for technology, fuel efficiency and driver comfort. Drive one today.

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