Peterbilt Model 579 Trucks.

Meet Peterbilt’s Model 579, born from a relentless focus to increase fuel economy and take driver comfort to new heights. Newly redesigned in 2021, the New Model 579 features a distinctive exterior design and a revamped interior along with improved aerodynamics and cutting-edge technology. This Class 8, heavy-duty truck is built for the long haul and on-highway driving

Peterbilt New Model 579

Peterbilt Model 579.

Peterbilt's Model 579 has reset the standard for technology, fuel efficiency and driver comfort.  On the exterior, the New Model 579’s highly advanced aerodynamic hood, bumper and mirrors are not only good-looking but hard-working, delivering up to a 7% improvement in fuel economy.  Inside the cab, innovative technologies like the new 15-inch digital display, customizable gauges, lane-keeping assistance and enhanced collision mitigation make driving the Model 579 a pleasure.  All while the integrated PACCAR Powertrain is delivering superior performance and a lower cost of ownership.  The Model 579 comes with the option for a PACCAR MX-13, MX-11 or PX-9 engine as well as a Cummins X15 or X12N engine

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