Isuzu NRR Gas Trucks.

The Isuzu NRR gasoline-powered truck is a medium-duty leader thanks to its strength, durability and convenient payload capacities. The low-cab forward (LCF) design provides exceptional forward visibility and provides room for more cargo, with the ability to accommodate bodies ranging from 12 to 20 ft. The NRR standard cab models have room for three passengers and three wheelbase options ranging from 132.5" to 176", and the crew cab models can fit up to seven passengers and come with two wheelbase options of 150" or 176".

Isuzu NRR Gas Standard Cab

Isuzu NRR Gas.

The Isuzu NRR is a Class 5 game changer with a GVWR of 19,500 lbs. and GCWR of 25,500 lbs. The LCF chassis is coupled with thoughtfully placed components to provide a clean canvas for adding underbody accessories and the dual rear-wheel design provides a sturdy platform that can manage heavier body payloads ranging from 13,032 to 13,700 lbs. Drivers will also experience better acceleration from enhanced traction on the rear wheels as well as responsive steering control from the front wheels. The NRR comes standard with a powerful PSI 6.0L LNJ V8 gasoline engine paired with an Allison® LCT 1000 6-speed automatic transmission that together output 353 lb.-ft. of torque and 311 hp to get you on your way.

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