No other dealership offers the support of RushCare

Introducing RushCare Service Connect, exclusively from Rush Truck Centers. RushCare Service Connect is a state-of-the-art online service communication system that provides customers an on-demand, 360-degree view of the service process for vehicles in our service departments. With this industry-leading tool, you’ll have 24/7 access to the status of your repairs as well as a complete service history of all service work done at any of our more than 120 Rush Truck Centers locations from coast to coast.


RushCare Service Connect with Repair Management.

With the Repair Management package, a dedicated “service concierge” team will provide personal communication, service oversight, expedite parts ordering and delivery, involve truck and engine OEMs when needed and even help schedule repairs.  This support package also includes recall and campaign management reporting and special labor rates in Rush Truck Centers service departments.  With this highly personalized service package, you see decreased repair time, improved service communications and an optimized service experience.


RushCare Service Connect with Fault Code Management.

With the Fault Code Management package, a dedicated team of diagnostics experts will proactively monitor your vehicle fault codes, immediately notify you of critical faults, document history of fault codes and provide comprehensive vehicle health reports. You’ll also receive recall and campaign management reporting and special labor rates in Rush Truck Centers service departments.  With fault code management, you’ll see improved uptime and repair accuracy, faster diagnostics and minimized unexpected breakdowns and service costs. 


RushCare Service Connect with Total Management.

For an even higher level of support, the Total Management package includes all the features and benefits of both the Fault Code Management and Repair Management packages.


RushCare Service Connect Portal Access

RushCare Service Connect is a powerful, integrated service communication system that connects the entire Rush Truck Centers network.  Access to the RushCare Service Connect portal provides seamless communication between every Rush Truck Center location, so you can rest assured that every service advisor and service manager in our network, no matter the location, will have access to your service data and can provide knowledgeable, informed service advice.

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