Peterbilt Model 567 Trucks.

Peterbilt's incomparable lineup includes the On-Highway New Model 579 and the iconic Model 389, Vocational Models 567, 520, 367 and 365, and Medium-Duty New Models 548, 537, 536, 535, plus the ever-popular Model 220. On highways, construction sites, city streets or logging roads, Peterbilt trucks are designed, configured and built to do one important job – yours.


Peterbilt Model 567.

The new Model 567 matches rugged durability with quality construction that insures the Model 567 can endure the harshest of vocational applications including the rigors of dump, logging and construction. The new aluminum cab structure is stronger for long-lasting endurance and ruggedness and comes standard to meet severe-service requirements. The durable Metton hood is lightweight and strong, withstanding impacts that would normally shatter or crack fiberglass, and it opens a full 90 degrees for easier access to key service points for improved serviceability. In addition the Model 567 is also available with a Cummins alternative fuel engine.

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