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Isuzu FVR

The Isuzu FVR is a Class 7, heavy-duty truck and is also available in a Class 6, medium-duty offering as the FVR (De-Rated). Designed for the urban environment, both the FVR and FVR (De-Rated) can easily be upfitted for numerous applications across eight wheelbases ranging from 152–248". Plus, the low-cab forward design gives drivers the maneuverability, visibility, power and payload to move their cargo with ease, with the ability to accommodate bodies ranging from 14–30'.

The Isuzu FVR is equipped for the most demanding hauls with a GVWR and GCWR of 33,000 lbs., while the FVR (De-Rated) offers a GVWR of 29,950 lbs. and a GCWR of 33,000 lbs. The dual rear-wheel chassis design provides a sturdy platform that can manage heavier body payloads ranging from 21,455–22,989 lbs. on the FVR and 14,405–15,939 lbs. on the FVR (De-Rated). And drivers have the option of a 50-gallon or 100-gallon fuel tank to increase range and decrease the number of required fuel stops. Both the FVR and FVR (De-Rated) come standard with a Cummins B6.7 turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine paired with an Allison® 2550 Rugged Duty Series 6-speed automatic transmission that together output 660 lb.-ft. of torque and 260 hp.


  • FVR: 7
  • FVR De-Rated: 6


  • Construction, Delivery, Municipal, Utility


  • FVR: 33,000 lbs.
  • FVR De-Rated: 25,950 lbs.


  • Cummins B6.7L


  • Allison 6-Speed Automatic 2500 RDS

Body Payload

  • FVR: 21,455–22,989 lbs.
  • FVR De-Rated: 14,405–15,939 lbs.


  • 152–248 in.

Cab Type

  • Cabover (COE)

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