Ford E-Series E-350 Cutaway Vans.

As one of Ford’s longest-produced vehicles, the E-Series has shown that it won’t quit when the going gets tough. The Ford® E-350 Cutaway values capability and is able to be upfitted for a wide range of business or recreational applications thanks to Ford’s factory-installed programmable upfitter interface module (UIM). With room for up to two passengers and options for either SRW or DRW, three available wheelbase lengths and two engine calibrations, the Ford E-350 Cutaway can be built to fit your unique needs.

2022 Ford E-350 SRW

Ford E-350 Cutaway.

The Ford E-350 Cutaway will bring you confidence on even the toughest of jobs. The E-350 SRW Cutaway delivers all the power and capability needed for a wide range of applications, with an available GVWR of 10,050 lbs. and either a 138” or 158” wheelbase. The E-350 DRW Cutaway, available in a 138”, 158” or 176” wheelbase, is built for heavier, midrange capacities and has an available GVWR between 11,500 lbs. and 12,500 lbs. as well as a max payload rating of 7,210 lbs. Some applications need more low-end muscle for heavy hauling, while others call for balanced power and performance on the highway. That's why both the E-350 SRW and DRW Cutaways come with a 7.3L V8 engine with either a Premium-rated or Economy-rated engine calibration. Both engine tunes are paired with Ford’s TorqShift® 6-speed automatic transmission for optimal power.

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