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Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

The Ford® E-Transit electric cargo van does everything except compromise. Designed to offer an impressive driving experience, the all-new, U.S.-assembled E-Transit can help you smoothly transition to the future of business.

While the average daily range for commercial vans in the U.S. is 74 miles, the Ford E-Transit was designed with a targeted 126 miles of range. By placing the battery underneath the body, you get the benefits of an electric powertrain without using up cargo space. Just like the gas-powered Transit, the E-Transit models come in three lengths: regular, long and extended; and three roof heights: high, medium and low. And the chassis cab and cutaway models are easy to upfit and offer several available packages designed to make adapting to your needs simple and convenient. With a maximum payload of 3,800 lbs. on the low roof cargo van or 4,513 lbs. on the cutaway, you can feel comfortable using every inch of space to bring what you need to get the job done.


  • Cargo Van, Cutaway and Chassis Cab

Passenger Capacity

  • 2

EPA-Est. Range

  • 126 miles

Battery Capacity

  • 68 kWh

Cargo Capacity

  • Cargo Van: 246.7–487.3 cu. ft.

Max Payload

  • Cargo Van: 3,880 lbs.
  • Cutaway: 4,513 lbs.
  • Chassis Cab: 4,476 lbs.

Available Lengths

  • Cargo Van: Regular, Long and Long-EL
  • Cutaway & Chassis Cab: Long-EL

Available Roof Heights

  • Cargo Van: Low, Medium and High

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