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Blue Arc Class 5
Electric Crew Cab

Engineered from the ground up to handle the payloads and go the distance real work requires, the Blue Arc™ Class 5 Crew Cab is in a class by itself. This complete, road-ready work truck combines a Class 5 EV chassis with a lightweight aluminum truck body and a game-changing crew cab design — purpose-built for construction, trades, municipalities, snow removal, landscaping and other hardworking vocations. Plus the spacious interior and multiple cab layouts to choose from ensure you have room to transport the entire crew to and from the worksite.


  • 5


  • Construction, Trades, Municipalities, Snow Removal, Landscaping

EPA-Est. Range

  • 200+ miles

Cab Dimensions

  • 88.5" W x 85" H

Payload Capacity

  • 6,000–10,000 lbs.

Passenger Capacity

  • Up to 6

Top Speed

  • 75 mph

Battery Capacity

  • 158–316 kWh modular, liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery packs
  • 450 kWh solar roof option

Charging Type

  • Level 2 and DC fast charging

Charge Time

  • 2–6 hour accelerated charge time

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