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Micro Bird G5 Electric School Bus | Micro Bird Electric School Bus

Micro Bird G5 Electric School Bus

The Micro Bird G5 Electric school bus offers the cleanest powertrain on the market and requires significantly lower maintenance than gasoline models, putting an end to oil changes and engine maintenance.

The Micro Bird G5 features Micro Bird’s exclusive two-speed transmission to maximize torque at a low speed and promote better battery autonomy. Four driving modes give you the freedom to optimize battery life and passenger comfort while meeting zero-emissions standards and providing dependable operation. The G5 Electric can go more than 100 miles in a single charge and is compatible with Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations. With a capacity of up to 30 passengers, the G5 electric can also be fitted with smooth operating, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts from suppliers including Braun and Ricon.


  • Ford


  • 200 and 200C

Passenger Capacity

  • Up to 30


  • 14,500 lbs.


  • Lithium Ion (NMC)

Battery Capacity

  • 88 kWh


  • 100+ miles

Charge Time

  • 2–7 hours


  • 158"

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