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IC Bus Electric CE Series School Bus | IC Bus Electric Bus

IC Bus Electric CE Series

School Bus

The Electric CE Series model is a fully-operational electric school bus option, lowering the total cost of ownership and offering user-friendly options and features.

The IC Bus Electric CE Series school bus is built to order and incorporates an electric drivetrain that is quiet, doesn’t produce emissions, and can be built to address customers' specific requirements. Range of the Electric CE Series bus can exceed 120 miles while the powertrain can deliver up to 255 kW, equivalent to 342 hp. With Level 1 and 2 (AC) charging or DC Fast Charging with a standard J1772 CCSI port, the IC CE Series electric bus is also V@G (Vehicle to Grid) capable.


Passenger Capacity

  • 29–77


  • 31,000–35,000 lbs.

Battery Capacity

  • Mid-Size Battery: 210 kWh
  • Max-Size Battery: 315 kWh


  • Mid-Size Battery: 135 miles
  • Max-Size Battery: 200+ miles

Peak Power

  • 255 kW or 342 hp


  • 217" or 276"

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