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Collins Type A School Bus

Collins Type A School Bus

Available in Ohio and Texas

The Collins Type A school bus epitomizes Collins’ reputation for building buses that are strong, safe and the most trusted vehicles on the market. With 18 models to choose from, options for either a gasoline or diesel engine and capacities ranging from 18 to 34 passengers in four to six rows, the Collins Type A can be altered, upgraded or customized to meet any need.

You’re sure to find a Collins Type A school bus that fits your unique needs with 18 available DRW or SRW models built on a Chevy/GM, Ford E-Series or Ford Transit Series chassis. Featuring either a gasoline or diesel engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission with HD overdrive, the Type A is at the head of its class. The Collins Type A also has special needs wheelchair options, an exclusive external storage compartment, a one-piece tubular roof bow design for unparalleled safety and the industry’s largest view-out window that reduces blind spots and enhances visibility.

Passenger Capacity

  • 18-34

Chassis Options

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford E-Series
  • Chevy/GM


  • Ford Transit: TL400, TH400, TL408, TH408, TH500 and TH516WR
  • Ford E-Series or Chevy/GM: SL400, SL408, SH400, SH408, DH400, DH416, DH416WR, DH500, DH516, DE416WR, DE516 and DE516WR


  • Ford Transit: 9,000-10,360 lbs.
  • Ford E-Series: 10,050-14,500 lbs.
  • Chevy/GM: 9,900-14,200 lbs.


  • Ford Transit: 3.7L Gas or 3.2L Diesel
  • Ford E-Series: 6.2L or 6.8L Gas
  • Chevy/GM: 4.8L or 6.0L Gas


  • 6-Speed Automatic with HD Overdrive

Fuel Tank

  • Ford Transit: 25 gallons
  • Ford E-Series: 40 gallons
  • Ford Chevy/GM: 33 gallons


  • Ford Transit: 138" or 156"
  • Ford E-Series: 138" or 158"
  • Chevy/GM: 139" or 159"

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