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Collins Daycare Bus

Collins Daycare Bus

Available in Ohio and Texas

The Collins non-CDL daycare bus was built with little passengers in mind by expertly balancing the safest and strongest design with Collins’ trusted performance. With a capacity of up to 20 passengers in four or five rows and options for a gasoline, propane or diesel engine, the Collins daycare bus is rated as one of the most dependable daycare buses by childcare companies across the country.

The Collins non-CDL daycare bus combines engineering, innovation and flexibility to deliver a bus that gets a gold star for safety and strength. Available in four models built on either a Chevy/GM or Ford Transit chassis, the Collins Chevy/GM daycare bus features either a 4.8L/6.0L gasoline or 6.0L propane engine, while the Collins Ford Transit daycare bus features either a 3.7L gasoline or 3.2L diesel engine. From features that improve a driver’s ability to see the road ahead to a seating platform that can accommodate any need, the Collins daycare bus earns high marks. The Collins daycare bus also comes with Collins’ standard back-up alarms and cameras, 3-point seats and a one-piece tubular roof bow design for unparalleled safety.

Passenger Capacity

  • 16-20

Chassis Options

  • Ford Transit
  • Chevy/GM


  • Ford Transit: TL400 and TL408
  • Chevy/GM: SL400 and SL408


  • Ford Transit: 9,000-9,500 lbs.
  • Chevy/GM: 9,900-10,100 lbs.


  • Ford Transit: 3.7L Gas or 3.2L Diesel
  • Chevy/GM: 4.8L or 6.0L Gas or 6.0L Propane


  • Ford Transit: 6-Speed Automatic with HD Overdrive
  • Chevy/GM: HD 6-Speed Automatic (MYD)

Fuel Tank

  • Ford Transit: 25 gallons
  • Chevy/GM: 33 gallons


  • Ford Transit: 138" or 156"
  • Chevy/GM: 139"

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