Volkswagen Settlement Funding Information.

Volkswagen has agreed to spend up to $14.7 billion to settle emissions allegations. Part of this settlement includes $2.9 billion for an Environmental Mitigation Trust, some of which you may have access to for the purchase and replacement of fleet vehicles.

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Environmental Mitigation Trust.

The Volkswagen settlement required Volkswagen to establish and fund the diesel emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust or EMT.  $2.9 billion from the VW settlement will fund environmental mitigation projects that reduce emissions of NOx over the next 10 years.  Impacted states receive between $8 million to $400 million in funding for actions that reduce NOx emissions.  

Eligible NOx emissions reduction projects include:

• Replacement of Class 4–7 medium-duty trucks

• Purchase of Class 8 freight and port drayage trucks

• Replacement of Class 4–8 school buses, shuttle buses or transit buses

The dedicated grant and funding professionals at Rush Truck Centers will help you understand your individual state's mitigation plan, available funding and eligibility requirements for NOx emissions reduction projects.  Contact us today to determine your eligibility.

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