Immediate and Comprehensive On-Site Fluid Analysis.

At Rush Truck Centers, we offer comprehensive oil and coolant testing while you wait. Predictive software analytics help detect issues before they become major failures – like a blood test for your truck. It’s fast, easy and tests for multiple harmful indicators.

Fluid Analysis Technician and Machine

Oil Analysis.

We offer the immediate and comprehensive testing of your fleets’ oil through onsite analysis.  This predictive software help us detect issues before they become major failures – like a blood test for your truck.  The tool tests for 10 different harmful indicators including wear metals silicon, oxidation, coolant leaks, fuel dilution, viscosity, water, nitration, soot and total base number (TBN).

Oil Analysis Locations

Coolant Analysis

Coolant Analysis.

With nearly 70% of engine failures being the result of improper coolant maintenance, it is critical to maintain your coolant properly.  Through onsite coolant analysis, we can detect potential issues and help you save on costly repairs.  Our state of the art system reports on glycol content, freeze point, boiling point, coolant characterization, presence of contaminants, quality of coolant, color and nitrates.

Coolant Analysis Locations

Fluid Analysis Comprehensive Results

Comprehensive Results.

With onsite fluid analysis, we can provide your testing results in 10 minutes.  And you can remotely access your fleet’s results and track your results history online, through our online portal or you can access your results through lubetrak.

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